Average Everyday Sane Psycho (buttercup31) wrote in charmedroleplay,
Average Everyday Sane Psycho

Paige saw Phoebe enter Piper’s room but decided not to join her sisters. Instead she went to her own room and paced. She knew there was something terribly wrong and since Leo never cultivated his poker face he confirmed it for her. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks, “No. I couldn’t.” What she was thinking was definitely risky, “Chris goes…”

She gave this plan a little more thought. Though she was scared of the possible consequences she knew that if she did nothing and allowed the impending surprise she and her sisters might not be prepared for what they will have to do. She thought back to past instances when her instincts proved to be dead on: when the titans escaped, Cole being evil again, and that creepy house with the Collector. “Right,” she knew what she had to do. With that she orbed out of her room.

Seconds later she reappeared. It was bright and she had to squint to see anything. She had never been up here she only heard stories from the time Piper, Phoebe and Prue came here to vanquish a warlock. As she looked around her eyes came to rest on a group of Elders, but what they were doing could not be normal. They were in a circle. It looked like they were performing some sort of ritual, and Leo and Chris were off to the side in an obviously intense discussion. Abruptly the two broke apart as smoke began to rise from the center of the circle. Soon, extremely bright flames erupted and an ungodly wail began. It was faint at first but grew louder by the second.

At the peak of the wail, the flames exploded in such a resplendent blast that Paige was shocked that they weren’t all killed. Black smoke rose from the center of the blast and she could see a mysterious form moving from within the darkness. Slowly the form rose to full height as the smoke cleared. As the form began to spin looking at those surrounding it, the Elders all moved back revealing what was unmistakably Cole Turner.

A fear Paige had never experienced before welled inside her and unbeknownst to her she was screaming. She only realized that she was when all the Elders, Leo, Chris and Cole turned to face her. She immediately orbed out en route to inform her sisters.
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