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Characters Name: Chris Perry/ Halliwell

Characters Age:21

Characters Gender:male

Characters Brief History:Chris came back from the future to help the charmed ones stop an evil threat to Wyatt Halliwell. We later find out that he came back to stop Wyatt himself from turning evil, and even later we find out that he is wyatts brother, the second son of Piper Halliwell-Wyatt and Leo Wyatt. He was engaged to Bianca, who was a part of a group of assasin witches called Phoenix's before she was killed trying to stop Wyatt from killing chris, in the future.

Characters Personality Traits: Headstrong, Stubborn, manipulative, caring (in his own way) mysterious, trusyworthy.

Relationship to other characters in Charmed: Piper is his mother and Leo is his father. Phoebe and Paige are his aunts and Wyatt is his big brother. He is also whitelighter to the charmed ones.

Your Name:Kirsty

Your Email address:

Your AIM: beesdontsleep

A little about yourself: I am the mod of another charmed rpg p3_charmed and i rp paige there. I love charmed, have for a while now, and i cant wait to start rping here!

Anything to add: need any help with graphics, layout, accepted/rejected stamps, just let me know!

The Power Of Three
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