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My characters.

Characters Name: Leo Wyatt
Characters Age: 33
Characters Gender: Male
Characters Brief History: Leo was killed in World War II before becoming a whitelighter. He married Piper Halliwell and had two sons with her; Wyatt and Chris. However, he is an Elder and does not see the others much. Sometimes, he will come down to the manor to visit Wyatt or give information about things that the Elders are worrying about.
Characters Personality Traits: Leo is great at giving pep talks and advice when the girls need it. Not only that, but he also is a kind, compassionate man. He is a pacifist but when forced to protect his charges, Leo will fight as best he can, even though he isn't great at combat.
Relationship to other characters in Charmed: Husband to Piper, brother-in-law to Paige and Phoebe. Father to Chris and Wyatt. Friend to Darryl Morris.
Powers: Orbing, healing, some combat fighting.

Characters Name: Phoenix Perry
Characters Age: Around eighteen.
Characters Gender: Female
Characters Brief History: There isn't much known about Phoenix. She's named after the family of assassin witches, Phoenix. She is an evil person, however, her assassin dominating her good witch side. It happened when she was about thirteen, and it was difficult to fight off the desire to go after bounties. Phoenix comes from the future but which time isn't exactly known. She doesn't say much, even to people who are her allies. Her goal is to kill the Charmed Ones.
Characters Personality Traits: Stubborn, quiet, rather distant to nearly everyone she meets.
Relationship to other characters in Charmed: Granddaughter to Piper and Leo, great niece to Paige and Phoebe.
Powers: Shimmering, healing, telekenisis (moving things with her hands).

Your Name: Anya
Your Email address: empresskelli@hotmail.com
Your AIM: alyssa grint
A little about yourself: I'm the moderator on this community so if you have any problems or questions, please come to me for them. I'd be happy to help you out!
Anything to add: Phoenix won't be around for a while... unless the roleplay is in need of major interest and plot ideas. More may be added to her character later.
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