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It had been a week since Cole Turner had returned from teh afterlife. He had been testing out his new powers, acquiring money (he had appeared at his old law firm as his own cousin, having changed his features slightly using his new shapechanging powers, and claimed the inheritance that Phoebe had refused and had remained in financial limbo), and acquired a small apartment a couple blocks away from the Manor.

Now it was time to put the next part of his plan into play. He stood outside the Manor and changed shape again. He was taller, with blond hair, and a broad, unassuming face. he smiled, and thought, "Well it worked for Leo, and there's always enough devestation around here the girls could always use a handyman." He reached out, and nervously knocked on the door. He waited, his stomach fluttering in a way it never had before, as the door opened.
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