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OOC: Profile

Characters Name: Phoenix Halliwell
Characters Age: 16
Characters Gender: Female
Characters Brief History: Conceived by Wyatt and Bianca, Phoenix was the accidental child of the two. Her mother was killed by her father later after she was born. It wasn't until she turned sixteen that she realized how powerful her father was. Her uncle had left years ago (in future time) to stop Wyatt from becoming evil. With her own evil inside of her, Phoenix became determined to go back to the past to the present time of 2004. Her intentions (which she has told her family) is to help Wyatt because she "knows" what is going to turn him evil. However, her true intentions are to help Wyatt become all powerful and evil.
Characters Personality Traits: Short tempered, independent, quiet unless provoked otherwise, easily irritated and somewhat inexperienced with her powers.
Relationship to other characters in Charmed: Granddaughter to Piper and Leo, daughter of Wyatt and Bianca, niece to Paige, Phoebe and Chris.
Powers: Telekenisis, developing molecular combustion.

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