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Paige saw Phoebe enter Piper’s room but decided not to join her sisters. Instead she went to her own room and paced. She knew there was something terribly wrong and since Leo never cultivated his poker face he confirmed it for her. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks, “No. I couldn’t.” What she was thinking was definitely risky, “Chris goes…”

She gave this plan a little more thought. Though she was scared of the possible consequences she knew that if she did nothing and allowed the impending surprise she and her sisters might not be prepared for what they will have to do. She thought back to past instances when her instincts proved to be dead on: when the titans escaped, Cole being evil again, and that creepy house with the Collector. “Right,” she knew what she had to do. With that she orbed out of her room.

Seconds later she reappeared. It was bright and she had to squint to see anything. She had never been up here she only heard stories from the time Piper, Phoebe and Prue came here to vanquish a warlock. As she looked around her eyes came to rest on a group of Elders, but what they were doing could not be normal. They were in a circle. It looked like they were performing some sort of ritual, and Leo and Chris were off to the side in an obviously intense discussion. Abruptly the two broke apart as smoke began to rise from the center of the circle. Soon, extremely bright flames erupted and an ungodly wail began. It was faint at first but grew louder by the second.

At the peak of the wail, the flames exploded in such a resplendent blast that Paige was shocked that they weren’t all killed. Black smoke rose from the center of the blast and she could see a mysterious form moving from within the darkness. Slowly the form rose to full height as the smoke cleared. As the form began to spin looking at those surrounding it, the Elders all moved back revealing what was unmistakably Cole Turner.

A fear Paige had never experienced before welled inside her and unbeknownst to her she was screaming. She only realized that she was when all the Elders, Leo, Chris and Cole turned to face her. She immediately orbed out en route to inform her sisters.
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"NO!" screamed both Leo and Chris at the same time, running to where Paige had been standing.

"we have to stop her, we cant let her tell the other" said leo, preparing to orb down to the manor.

"Is that all you can think about?" asked Chris, with an incredoulous look on his face. "She was terrified Leo, who knows what she is going to do" The younger of the two orbed away from his father, who stood for a few seconds thinkin, then followed his son down to the manor.

They orbed into the hallway, and, seeing Paige standing in the kitchen rushed to her. Her face was white and she looked confused and hurt. "Paige, are you ok?" asked chris, moving closer ot her, and touching her elbow "Leo can explain...."

"did you tell the other two?" Leo interupted with an anxious look on his face. Paige shook her head mutely and Leo sighed in relief

"LEO! is that all you can think about?" chris asked him with a look of disbelief in his face. Turning his attention back to paige he said "paige, talk to me, are you ok?"

Deleted comment

Paige slowly looked at Leo and Chris with such a staggering look of betrayal that even Piper was taken aback.

"What did you guys do to her?" Piper asked almost hysterical. Leo looked at the floor unable to come up with a plausible explanation. Chris, thinking fast, grabbed hold of Leo and Paige and orbed out.

They reappeared in an ally near downtown San Francisco. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT, CHRIS??" Leo screamed. "You were the one who told me to stop orbing away and in this situation doing that just made it worse!"

"Well, it was the only thing I could think to do. We can't let them know yet, I assume, and look at Paige!" Chris said with worry looking at his aunt who looked like she was hyperventilating.

"Why? Why?" Paige kept asking in between gasps.
"Paige calm down" chris said, holding onto her arms, as she looked like she was about to faint. She shook him off, and turned her back on them. "Paige, come on talk to me" he pleaded, ignoring Leo for the moment. "Please, paige?" Leo stepped closer to both of them,

"Paige maybe id better explain.." the older man started, but was cut short but paige interupting him...
“Explain?” the look on Paige’s face was nothing if not extremely dangerous. This was the first time she ever felt she could harm someone who wasn’t evil not to mention a person she considered family. “Explain what, Leo? How you and your Elder buddies have brought back the one demon that was nearly impossible to vanquish? The very last Source of All Evil?” she was bearing down on him so hard that he had no choice but to cower. “The ‘man’ who tortured us and damn near destroyed Phoebe?” she asked grinding her teeth.
"You don't understand, Paige!" Leo was on his last nerve. This entire thing was more than he bargained for.

"None of this was my doing, either. Wyatt is in danger, obviously, and the Elders felt that... well... Cole would be the best hope to protect him. Besides Chris, at least."

He gave his son an apologetic look.
Paige opened her mouth wide to speak but instead her eyes rolled up in her head and she closed them, then stammered, “I…I, just can’t…insanity level…too high…” she worked at gaining her composure. Once she was sure she could continue she turned to Leo and asked, “Have you lost your mind? You want to entrust Cole Turner with the protection of your child? What the hell makes you think this stupid plan won’t put Wyatt in more danger? That this is what we have protect him from?”
"paige is right leo, this is crazy" chris added, getting surprised look from paige.

"You dont agree with this either?" she asked him

"Of course not, i have no idea what the elders are thinkin but this is madness. And how do you propose to tell Phoebe, leo?" he asked his father "Cause i sure as hell am not doing it for you, white lighter or not"
"I wouldn't be worrying about that so much. I'll take care of Phoebe but the rest of you just need to forget--" he cut himself off. There was an idea...

As much as he didn't like having to do this to any of them, Leo raised his hand to them and waved it, erasing any sort of memory they had of Cole coming back from Hell. The Elder lowered his hand quickly, looking at them. He anticipated whether it had worked or not.

Deleted comment

OOC: I have to combine the other roleplay Cole started.

Leo glanced upward upon hearing a ringing sound. "The Elders are calling... I'll be back as soon as I can."

With that, he orbed away.
(OCC: Aren't we in an alley? I'm confused.)
(*OOC...uh....whoops. i shall remedy that right away. my bad, thought we were still in the heavens. silly me*)
(OOC: Um.. What the heck happened? I swore we were still in the attic. Where exactly did my character go?!)
you were in the attic, then went downstairs, where chris and leo appeared and leo was going to tell the girls something, but then orbed away. chris went after him, piper went to her room, phoebe followed her, paige went to her own room, then decided to orb up to the heavens. she got there just as chris and leo were having a heated argument, and the elders were bringing cole back. she saw cole, orbed away to the manor, with leo and chris orbing after her. She orbed to the kitchen, where piper appeared wanting to know what was going on, leo and chris orb in, piper demands an explanation, leo says nothing and chris grabs leo and paige and orbs to an alley way where both he and paige demand an explanation. Leo wipes their memory instead, and there you are updated!
"Um...paige, what are we doing here?" asked chris as he looked around him at the alley they appeared to be in. "And leo.." he started to ask, but was cut off by the older man.

"Elders are calling" he said, looking upwards towards the skies "gotta go" he added as he orbed out of the alley after checking it was clear.

"So....we should get back to the manor" he said to his aunt
“Er…I guess?” she said looking around. “I don’t know why we’re here, I thought I was just in my room.” she dematerialized into swirling white lights. She reappeared in the living room back at the manor and sat down on the couch with a pained and puzzled look on her face. She had a nagging feeling that she was forgetting something important and the fact that she and Chris were in an alley downtown and didn’t know why did not help.
Leo returned from the Heavens and orbed into Wyatt's nursery. There, he saw his son asleep in the crib. Carefully, he took his son into his arms and held him silently, looking down at the infant's face. He looked so calm and innocent... Would he really become the next evil they needed to fear? It still unnerved him. But then again, it made everyone else in the family nervous as well.

He could only hope that Cole would be as much help as he wanted to be.