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A New Chapter...

Leo Wyatt orbed into the Halliwell manor, his icey blue eyes scanning the kitchen. It was completely silent, which was unusual. Normally, Piper would be at home with Wyatt... And she couldn't be on a date, could she?

He didn't sense the three girls or his son. Maybe they had gone out together.

Unusual weather had occurred in San Francisco very recently. It reminded him of the time that Piper had become the Greek Goddess of the Earth... only worse. Storms never seemed to cease and there was flooding near the bay. Perhaps it could have been something with the weather, but he doubted it.

Orbing up to the attic, Leo found it empty as well and the Book of Shadows laying where it should be. Where could the girls be? He needed to talk to them as soon as he possibly could but if they weren't together... The blonde man just didn't have time to go around the city to tell them the long story one at a time. Not to mention, he was on a tight schedule.

With a frusterated sigh, he went back downstairs, becoming anxious now. "I shouldn't be down here... but I have to tell them. But... Maybe I shouldn't."

He began pacing now, attempting to decide upon what to do.
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