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Characters Name: Paige Halliwell
Characters Age: 26
Characters Gender: Female
Characters Brief History: Paige used to be an only child. Left by "angels" at a church she was adopted by two wonderful parents who were killed in a car accident when Paige was in high school. Cut to approximately 8 years later after trying to find out who she is for so long all of a sudden two sisters fall into her lap as well as a new life as a witch with the power to orb and telekinesis. Though she came into her powers late she has worked hard to become a formidable witch.
Characters Personality Traits: Extremely strong willed, intelligent, talented, loving.
Relationship to other characters in Charmed: She is the sister of Phoebe and Piper, the Aunt of Wyatt and Chris, the sister-in-law of Leo, and friend of Darryl.
Powers: Orbing and telekinesis.

Your Name: Alicia
Your Email address: buttercup31@livejournal.com
Your AIM: will post later
A little about yourself: I mod charmedfans and I RP Piper over in p3_charmed.
Anything to add: The Power of Three.
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